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Name : Aisyah Nurul Izzah Adma
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School : SMAN 3 Bandung

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Steps of My Life to Success}
Monday, 16 January 2017 | 20:17 | 0Comment

Everyone must have dreams or at least a dream in their life. If they aren’t, they should. What will they do if they don’t know what to achieve. And then anyone ask, what dreams? My answer is anything. Anything that you want in your life is your dream.

“People are just too fool to have dreams. All we must have are goals because there are differences between them”

And my opinion is yes also. Goals is not just a dream that still just in your imagine. But,goals is something that you will work hard to get it.

So, I will tell you about my goal and how do I do to achieve it.

My Goals
I have many goals. But, I will share you some of many goals that I targeted and this is the big one.

  • STEI ITB 2017

  • Software Engineer
  • Writer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Business Woman
  • Mekkah
  • Silicon Valley
  • Hafidzah 30 Juz
  • Have fashion brand
  • Influenced people
And many more...

Let's say Amiin :)

Personal and Learning Process

The case is what have I do to achieve it, to achieve many of  my goals. First, before you do an action. All you have to do is reflection. Look at yourself. How was your attitude? It was good, or even bad. How was your habbit?

And I had looked on myself. Then, I am on my process to improve myself. I was a girl that very shy and cant communicate with other. I was a default and awkward girl. I used to emotional and sensitive. But, I learned that life isnt always easy. Maybe I can't delete my bad side but I can hide it and add many good on my other side.

I also changed my bad habbit into the better one. Before, I studied if only there was a test tomorrow. I would woke up early if only it was a school day. And again, I realized that those bad habbit aren't good to my future life. I have to more initiate and work hard while I should know that many other people work more hard than me.

What I had done in the past

Well, just a simple but important action, I think. I wrote down all of my goals on my notebook. It still continues until now while anytime, I can get a new goals in my mind. Some of my biggest goal printed out and now displayed on my room-wall so everytime I wake up from my sleep, I can see many of my goals.

What I do in this time

All I have to do now is of course, work hard. But, don't work too hard. I mean work hard without think smart is just wasting time. Am I right or wrong? But, I believe it is. This era is full of competition. The winner is not the strongest, even not also the smartest. But, the winner is the one who has the right strategy.

I have my own strategy. I know what I have to do in order to cover up my badness. I always manage my scheduled so it wont be a mess. And other...

And  the other important thing also is my soft skill. And in my age now is the best time to boost up my soft skill. I joined several committes and organization to have many experience. Experience is the best teacher, isnt it? Many activities there are sharpen my soft skills like time management, speaking skill, making decision, and responsibilty.

Yeah, soft-skill is very useful in the real life. For your job in the future. You must to realize it from now on.

What I want to do in the future

Last, I am wondering that in the future I have to get many partner. I have to search for many kind of people in many job. So, if I built coorporation or business or company. It will work well and easier.
I should have link of people. So, my job will seems better.

To explain more clearly about this, I will share you about my stories, my experience, and my dreams:

I was 4 grade at elemantary school. That moment, I still can remember, was the first time I got my really dreams. I liked to read novel. And I liked to write paraghraph also. I told to myself that I wanted to be a writer, not only writer but I wanted to be a great writer that the books are "best seller". From then, I always train my capability in writting. It was just when I was still child.

After got in Junior High School, I started to realize that life is a big trouble for those who never ready. I started to prepare myself to my next life. At that time, I obsessed to be the best at school. Always persue to get a perfect score in study. But the real life was begin. Many problem came to my life. My biggest problem at that time was about "friendship". Maybe at that time, I still "childish". Not only about my friend. But I also had experience that made me very "down". I couldnt get a thing that I really wanted at that time. I mean the thing in this case is something that related to my life. Sorry, but I couldnt tell. The reason that I was very down on that moment was because someone cheated on me, someone just lied to me, someone made untruth on me. But the problem are just something that I had to fix it. Or if I couldnt fix it, al least, I had to make myself strong not a crying baby.

I enroll this school, SMAN 3 Bandung. What a happy girl am I. SMAN 3 Bandung was one of my biggest dream. And this is the peak of my story for this time. Senior High School is not the place that you just enjoying life. But the real work hard begin. My goals increasingly clear in my thought. I changed my habbit in many factor. I become who I am now. Because now, I know what the real life is. I started to really prepare anything. And I really understand now the real meaning of success.

Many people, I believe, every people have a big goals to success. Success in any view of people. I have my point of view about my success. My success is when I am living my life with happiness. Not only happiness to myself but also to other people.

I often think and criticize about what I wonder will happen in my future life. We cant deny that world is changing rapidly. have you wonder how will the world in 10 years forward, in 50 years forward? Maybe, we will not use money again. Or maybe there will an undersea city or abovesky city. And this era now is techno-era. And i prepare myself to deal with this.

I wanted to enroll SEEI (School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics) ITB.

So, my interpretation of all steps of my life to be success :

  1. Write down my goals on my notebook
  2. Displayed pictures of my goals on my room wall
  3. Work hard and focused
  4. Always pray and du'a
  1. Just be yourself
  2. Always confident but don't be arrogant
  3. Dont think too long but think smart
  4. Get parent's blessing

Tax Amnesty Program Indonesia is a Success Except for Repatriations}
Tuesday, 8 November 2016 | 13:19 | 0Comment

Contrary to our earlier predictions, Indonesia's tax amnesty program has been on a roll in September 2016. The program is designed to boost the government's tax revenue by offering tax evaders attractive rates to come clean and declare their previously undeclared assets (whether stashed at home or abroad in the so-called tax havens). Those who join the program can also repatriate offshore assets into Indonesia, into specifically prepared investment instruments where the funds need to stay for at least three years.


Although the nine-month tax amnesty program runs until 31 March 2017, most tax declarations and fund repatriations are expected to occur before 30 September 2016 as taxpayers can enjoy the most attractive tax rates in the period that ends on 30 September (each quarter the tax tariffs increase).

Last week Indonesian authorities announced that they will be more flexible in terms of administrative procedures in relation to the deadline of the first phase of the tax amnesty program. Attachments to taxpayers' asset declaration letters can be submitted after 30 September but they will still be able to enjoy the most attractive tax tariffs set in the first phase of the program. The government decided to be more flexible on the request of various businessmen who stated that they required more time to calculate and process documents.

Up to 11:00 pm local Jakarta time on Wednesday (28/09), the government had collected IDR 84.6 trillion (approx. USD $6.5 billion) in additional tax money under the amnesty program, or roughly 51 percent of its target (IDR 165 trillion). Meanwhile, some 8,500 new taxpayers have been added to the database of Indonesia's Tax Office since the launch of the program in July 2016.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) should also be praised for the successful tax amnesty program so far. A successful amnesty program indicates that there exists a high degree of trust among the Indonesian population in the current government. Perhaps also the appointment of Sri Mulyani Indrawati, a highly respected technocrat who previously served as managing director at the World Bank for six years, as Indonesia's Finance Minister in the latest cabinet reshuffle has contributed to the success.

However, asset repatriations are still somewhat left behind. By 11:00 pm on Wednesday, a total of IDR 142.3 trillion (approx. USD $10.9 billion) had been repatriated into Indonesia, or roughly 14 percent of the government's target (IDR 1,000 trillion). As fund repatriations should become more scarce as we approach the second (and third) phase of the program, implying higher tax tariffs, this government target may not be achieved. If not achieved, this failure is due to the unattractive rates that are offered (compared to the rates that apply in tax havens) and the unattractive requirement to keep assets in Indonesia for at least three years.

Most of the funds that have been repatriated so far into Indonesia originate from Singapore, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Australia, Hong Kong and China.

Indonesia's tax amnesty program in 2016/2017 is already more successful compared to similar programs in Italy (2009), Chile (2015), Spain (2012), South Africa (2003), Australia (2014) and Ireland (1993).

Bank Indonesia Governor Agus Martowardojo said asset repatriations are more important compared to tax declarations in terms of overall economic growth of Indonesia. According to the central bank, if there are asset repatriations worth up to IDR 180 trillion under the tax amnesty program, then it should boost Indonesia's GDP growth by 0.1 additional percentage point in 2017. The Indonesian government targets for a 5.1 percent (y/y) economic growth pace in the 2017 State Budget.

Note :
  • Pro sentences
  • Reasons sentences (Pro)
  • Arguments sentences (Pro)
  • Contra sentences
  • Reasons sentences (Contra)
  • Arguments sentences (Contra)

My comment relating to the problem :

Question and Answer}
Thursday, 3 November 2016 | 22:22 | 0Comment

From Book Review text below :

1. Who is the main character in "The Secret Garden" book?
    a. Marry Lennox, Dickon, Colin
    b. Mrs. Medlock, Martha
    c. Ben Weatherstaff, The Bird
    d. Mr Graven, Mrs. Graven
    e. Marry's parents

2. Why could the garden be a secret garden?
    a. Because the garden did not entered for more than 10 years.
    b. Because the garden look very creepy and it is said that there was many ghosts there.
    c. Because Mr. Graven locked the garden and no one knew where was the door and the key.
    d. Because no one allowed to entered the garden for no reason.
    e. Because the garden surrounded by a high wall.

3. From the story, why could Colin shut himself in his room?
    a. Because Mr. Graven forbide him to go out of his room.
    b. Because he thought that he was no longer alive with his humped-back.
    c. Because he did not know where is his room's key.
    d. Because he was too scared to go out of his room.
    e. Because he treated so bad by his father.

4. For whom the book recomended to read?
    a. For teens.
    b. For adults.
    c. For kids.
    d. For editor.
    e. For the writer only.

5. What is the moral lesson can we learn from the story? 
    a. Dont look other people, just be yourself.
    b. If you try hard, you will find a success.
    c. Don't judge the book by its cover.
    d. Be a good person to other people.
    e. Good friendship and hapiness can changed your bad life.